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Drumm Core Values

Core Values

At Drumm Inc., our core values are engrained into every aspect of our business and incorporated into every railcar that we take on. We believe in a safety-first approach, practicing consistent safety fundamentals throughout every action we take. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer care, while implementing high quality control standards that protect your assets throughout our entire process. We also strive to protect our environment by exceeding all federal, state and local regulations regarding product recycling, recovery, treatment and disposal operations.

Contact us for more information regarding our core values and ways in which we can provide the best quality cleaning and maintenance services for your tank or hopper car. Call us at our Cincinnati, OH location at 513-641-4141 or our Worthington, MN location at 507-372-2212 and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Premium Care & Customer First Approach

We provide a proven, systematic quality control approach to work inspections, car tracking and documentation. Both our Cincinnati and Worthington facilities have direct access to main lines, CSX and the Union Pacific so you don’t have to pay costs associated with short line interchange.

Our customer service is also second-to-none, with knowledgeable and professional customer service agents that are ready to provide direct answers to your questions, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Safety Engrained Culture

At Drumm, employee and customer safety are our foremost #1 priority. We take every precaution necessary to ensure that the wellbeing of our employees and customers takes precedence over any other concerns. Our culture of safety is maintained through relentless continuing education courses and a management system that thrives on safety first standards.

Enhanced Quality Systems

We are committed to maintaining and exceeding the highest safety standards in the industry. This is accomplished through direct employee understanding of all industry regulatory requirements, as well as the customer’s direct requirements.

Drumm, Inc. is certified under the AAR with its M-1003/1002 to provide railcar repair. We are committed to upholding the integrity and value of our work through providing superior craftsmanship and secure dependable service for our customers

We perform regular quality and safety audits to help ensure all quality standards are consistently met

At Drumm, we work under a food safety plan that integrates HACCP principles and concepts into our M-1003 quality program. These FSMA HACCP concepts are globally recognized for the ways in which it identifies, reduces and eliminates potential food safety hazards. We conduct appropriate training to educate our new and existing employees about critical topics, such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), allergen management, sanitation and traceability. In addition to these food safety systems, we will conduct and keep all records in accordance with requirements for food safety programs.

Environmentally Responsible Railcar Cleaning & Maintenance Solutions

At Drumm, we operate in-house wastewater pretreatment systems that maintain compliance with CFR Title 40 Part 442 (Transportation Equipment Cleaning Point Source Category.) Our wastewater pretreatment methods, depending on the facility, include:

  • Decanting
  • Chemical precipitation
  • Dissolved air flotation
  • Membrane separation
  • Centrifugal dewatering
  • Pressure filtration

We also strive to protect our environment by exceeding all federal, state and local regulations regarding product recycling, recovery, treatment and disposal operations. We have established relationships with industry partners for our off-site disposal needs.

Cutting Edge Recovery, Recycling & Material Reuse

We can provide numerous ways to properly dispose of or recycle waste materials without harming the environment. FOG products (fats, oil & grease) are recovered and put to environmentally appropriate use by our partners in the feed or energy industries. Bio-solids, sludge and other organics are applied to landscapes and farms to reduce pressure on local landfills. Recycling of these food wastes replenishes important nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen back into the soil to reduce the need for synthetic fertilizers. Additionally, we work with waste management firms to convert high BOD liquid wastes into renewable energy to power the grid through an anaerobic digestion waste to energy process.

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