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Drumm Inc. History

Our History

Drumm Inc. has been in the rail car service industry for well over 50 year as a family owned business. 

In the Beginning

What began as The New Ulm Ice & Coal Company in the late 1800’s soon became D&H Transportation in 1959 producing ice to cool rail cars for Kraft Cheese.  We would collect ice from the Minnesota River for storage into an icehouse using a horse powered carousel to lift the blocks of ice up.  This ice would later be loaded into the ends of reefer style box cars to keep the contents cool inside.

The operation expanded its’ partnership with the Chicago Northwestern Railroad by adding a railcar icing operation to Worthington, MN.  Followed shortly by Westpoint, NE, Sterling, IL and other with the Milwaukee Railroad in Perry, IA. 

Today’s Drumm Inc.

In 1964, the company began cleaning rail cars in Worthington, MN. Later, P&G invited our founders to expand operations in Cincinnati, OH.  Established in 1982 as Harland Drumm Enterprises our company is a key member of the railcar industry. 

Now, as Drumm Inc., although our scope and size has grown, we are still serving nationally recognized companies by cleaning out their products from railroad tank and hopper cars in both Cincinnati, OH and Worthington, MN. With growth, our Cincinnati location has become AAR M-1003/ M-1002 certified to repair railcars. 

Contact us for more information regarding our tank car cleaning services and maintenance processes. Call us at our Cincinnati, OH location at 513-641-4141 or our Worthington, MN location at 507-372-2212 and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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